Lil' Mynx Wake Poles

Introducing the Lil’ Mynx Wake Pole, the world’s first removable stripper pole for your ski boat. It turns your boat into a floating dance club!

This design will accommodate most ski boats with a V-drive or I/O engine setup. As long as you have an open area under your wake tower we have a pole for you.

Our universal 6061 billet clamp mounts will fit towers with 
1 7/8 to 2 ½ straight tubing.

Pole Choices

  • One-Piece: Available in black, pink or red powder coator Polished Stainless Steel. This pole will be cut to fit your boats wake tower height. 
  • Two-Piece: Available in Stainless Steel only, this model is split in the middle which makes it easier for storage. An optional bottom piece is available that makes this pole work in your home as well as on your boat.

All poles are custom cut to fit your boat. You will need to measure from tower to hull before ordering.


Pole FeaturesLil' Mynx Wake Pole

  • Installs in seconds.
  • Removable. Not permanently bolted to your boat.
  • Stable at speed.

Lil’ Mynx has been building quality dance poles for a decade. The #1 pole in the world, used by pole dance studios and celebrities. Our celebrity clientele include Paris Hilton, Carmen Electra, Christina Aguilera and many more!


NOTE: No Returns or Exchanges as each pole is custom built for you boat. Mount must be purchased separately.