Thanks for checking out the Lil' Mynx line of dance poles. We know there are choices out there and we thank you for considering what we have to offer. Lil Mynx are professional grade dance poles, made in the USA. These are not cheap poles made in China found in a novelty store in your local mall or on other web sites. We pride ourselves and our company by staying a US made product keeping US workers working. We will not sell out to overseas manufacturing to make a buck!


Lil' Mynx has the best reputation in the business as a safe, reliable, and sturdy professional grade line of dance poles for homes and studios with customer service second to none. We have been making removable poles in the US longer and better than anyone else. All of our poles are hand crafted one at a time for our customers. We don’t mass produce our poles like everyone else. We are the only real company that can offer truly custom poles because that’s what we do. When considering a removable dance pole your #1 concern should be safety. Safety is our business!


Unlike other poles that rely solely on friction to hold the pole in place, we have been using a bolt-in mount since day one. Having a secure mounting surface to hold the pole in place is the only way you can feel comfortable with your pole installation. With friction you have to continuously check the poles since they come loose as they push your ceiling up. The spring used in holding the Lil' Mynx pole in place has a duty-cycle of over 100,000. This is a continuous duty test, the kind the pole will never see. Also, our spring can sit in a compressed state indefinitely without changing its capability to hold the pole in place. We will never sacrifice YOUR safety to earn a dollar. So when choosing a removable dance pole, always keep safety and suitability your top priorities.


The Lil' Mynx dance poles are shipped all over the world for the gyms offering pole dance classes. Sheila Kelley's S Factor and Fawnia's Pole Fitness Studio use and trust the Lil' Mynx for their clients. All the best studios offer the Lil' Mynx dance pole to their students to continue their practice at home. Lil' Mynx has been on many TV shows including Keeping up with the Kardashians, Rock of Love with Bret Michaels, Tila Tequila and was also featured on VH1 Fabulous Life Celebrity Sex as most of today's top celebrities enjoy what the Lil' Mynx dance pole has to offer. This includes Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton, Adrianne Curry, Teri Hatcher, Carmen Electra, Daryl Hannah, Pamela Anderson, Kate Hudson, Jessica Alba, Fergie, Cindy Crawford and many others. The pole dance craze was boosted when the Lil' Mynx dance pole was featured with S Factor on the Oprah show.






"Lil’ Mynx has time and time again been the pole that many of the top dancers, instructors and students prefer. wanted to choose the best pole manufacturing company to do a story on and didn’t have to go far after getting numerous recommendations from some of the most credible people in the industry. We wish them continued success"


Broadway- Co-Founder of


"I have worked with Lil' Mynx for over four years - I love their pole and the company and have three Lil' Mynx removable poles in my home! They have been great to work with and their customer service is the best. What can I say - she's the best pole on the market!"


Sheila Kelley - S Factor


"I appreciate Lil' Mynx for her products, safety and customer service, having personally owned a pole since 1994. Since 2002, I have proudly used and promoted Lil' Mynx, and joined with her to create The Fawnia Mondey Signature Series Lil' Mynx Pole. Lil' Mynx is the perfect pole for home and studio use. The Lil' Mynx line of dance poles are the only pole on the market I would recommend; personally I own 9 Lil' Mynx poles and will soon be getting more for my new studio location. Poles have come a long way since 94; thanks to Lil' Mynx!"


Fawnia Mondey-Dietrich Exotic Dance School