Lil' Mynx offers permanent poles for studio, competition and home use.

Permanent poles are available in stainless steel finish, 45 or 50mm diameter and static or our Revolution series (combination static/rotating). These poles are cut to your specified ceiling height and are non-adjustable. Included are floor and ceiling flanges requiring 4 screws in the ceiling and 4 screws in the floor. The flanges are 4.5” in diameter. The Revolution series have a built in locking system in the floor flange that simply clicks up or down to change from static to rotating.


50mm permanent poles are available up to 24’. 45mm permanent poles are available up to 15', but any height over 13’ will also require a liner to help reduce any flex.


As FedEx has a shipping height limit of 9’, poles over this length must ship with a freight company.


Please give us a call to discuss your individual needs and get a quote.


If you would like to use Lil’ Mynx removable poles in your studio with higher than 11’ ceilings please take a look at our drop mounts. These, in a sense, bring the ceiling down to a workable height for a removable pole.